The School Pool for Excess Liability Limits Joint Insurance Fund (SPELL JIF) does accept partial term memberships.  In the past, districts could only apply for membership if all lines of coverage (Workers’ Compensation, Property, Auto & General Liability, Educators/School Board Legal Liability) were up for renewal. Partial term memberships allow districts interested in exploring full all line membership to apply for partial term membership as applicable until the other lines of coverage come up for renewal and an all lines membership is achieved.

A SPELL JIF Board of Trustees Delegate, Mr. Richard Kaz, Jr., School Business Administrator from Northern Burlington County Regional School District, explained that “districts have been able to save thousands of dollars by participating in the fund. School districts save in two ways when they and their joint insurance funds do not have losses. No, or fewer, losses generate return funds to the district and drives down future costs.”

Any district interested in joining the fund can contact the Executive Director’s Office at (856) 446-9128 and speak with Craig Wilkie or email at

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