Cybersecurity Resources

Click on the links below for valuable resources to help K-12 school districts address systemic cybersecurity risk.  Have questions?  Contact Rick Hillman, your JIF Virtual Safety Director here. 

Cybersecurity One Pagers:

Information Security is Everyone’s Responsibility

Tips on Choosing a Firewall

Cyber Security Awareness Program

What is Multi-Factor Authentication

Public Wifi

Top Tips to Avoid Social Engineering

Common Incident Schools Face

Best Practices:

Multifactor Authentication

PowerPoint Templates:

Security Awareness Training

Program Templates:

Software Evaluation

Vulnerability Management Program

Criticality of Business Systems

Catalog of External Systems

Cybersecurity Risk Management Standard

Sample Statement of Risk Appetite

Sample Physical Security Measures

Principle of Lease Privileged

Identity Proofing Procedures

Network Capacity Summary

Incident Report

Incident Response Plan Template

Information Security Program

Security Incident Post Mortem Report

Policy – Guideline Templates:

Data Classification Sample

Information Security Roles & Responsibilities

Written Information Security Policy

Identity and Access Management

Remote Access Guideline

Network Segmentation Guideline

Access, Authorization and Authentication Guideline

Data Encryption Guidelines

Disposal and Disposition of IT Equipment & Media Guidelines

Data Loss Prevention Guideline

Baseline Configuration

Configuration Change Control

Data Integrity & Availability (Backup) Guideline

Data Destruction Guideline

Incident Response Policy

Business Continuity Guideline

Data Breach Response Guideline

Information Security Log Management

Removable Media Guideline

Least Functionality

Minimum Security Standards for Networked Devices

Network Monitoring Guidelines

Network Physical Security Monitoring

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

Acceptable Use Policies & Loaner Agreements

Staff AUP

Student AUP

Staff Loaner Agreement

Student Loaner Agreement

Third Party Cyber Review:

Information Security Alert – 3rd Party Providers

3rd Party Security Guideline Document

Sample  – 3rd Party Software Review Form

Cybersecurity Contract Review (Word Doc)

Cybersecurity Contract Review (PDF)


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