Throughout the three day 2023 SPELL JIF Joint Retreat, a series of highly valuable and collaborative sessions were designed to elevate the knowledge and skills of our members. One of the highlights was the informative “Law Day,” which featured engaging sessions on Service Dogs in schools, Workers’ Compensation, and Tort claims. To conclude the day on a fun note, we organized a competitive game of SPELL JIF Jeopardy, where contestants not only had a great time but also deepened their understanding of insurance issues in school districts.

Another session that stood out was titled “What is our Why?” This interactive series of roundtable discussions and presentations delved into the core questions associated with SPELL’s history, present, and future. It provided a platform for meaningful conversations and insights.

  • Why Statement: The SPELL JIF is a collaborative group of dedicated school professionals who manage our risks to provide the best coverage and outcomes.
  • How? Your district will benefit from our innovation and expertise when you join.
  • What? Full-service risk management.

Additionally, we conducted a comprehensive reinsurance review and facilitated discussions on third-party contracts. To further enrich the experience, we invited a retired chief of police and school security expert to review best practices and protocols for ensuring safety in schools. Our Virtual Safety Director also addressed the crucial topic of protecting school districts from cyber attacks.

Overall, the retreat proved to be an enjoyable learning experience for all participants.


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