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Watch the STOPit Relaunch & Relearn Webinar Recording – November 2020 

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Cyber bullying is growing daily and in large part on an unimpeded basis.  The claims that arise from these activities often show that the involved school district had very little knowledge early on and only fragmented knowledge throughout.  The question is how does a school intervene in this technology driven behavior in such a way that its intervention will result in a real and practical solution?  STOPit is funded by the SPELL JIF Board of Trustees and signing up is easy.  The Program is a joint effort between our reinsurer, Great American Insurance Company, SPELL JIF and STOPit.  SPELL JIF feels strongly that STOPit will provide a very effective tool in the war against errant human behavior among students including cyber bullying, common bullying, sexting, stalking and many other intolerable behaviors.

What is STOPit Solutions?
STOPit Solutions empowers students and employees to speak up about inappropriate behavior like bullying, misconduct, and mental health issues where they are most comfortable—their phones. The anonymous reporting program is used by thousands of schools nationwide to ensure student and school safety.

What is Included?
• The STOPit App, Web & Hotline- anonymous reporting app for students and employees
• STOPit Admin- easy-to-use dashboard for incident management
• 24/7 Monitoring - certified agent monitoring to alert of emergency situations
• Two-way Messenger- anonymous messaging to reporters in real time
• SEL Content Library- resources developed by industry experts
• Launch Kit- STOPit provides full setup and helps you roll out the program to your schools
• And more

Want to learn more?  
Visit the STOPit Solutions website to request more information HERE, email or call 855-999-0932 and one of our highly-skilled account executives will set up a 20-minute personalized demonstration. 

Stop!t Video at Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District May 2018

Click Here to View the STOPit Peer to Peer Presentation of January 19, 2016

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