Wellness Resources

SPELL JIF is committed to promoting workforce health, and we’ve partnered with Occupational Athletics Inc. (OAI) to bring you valuable Wellness resources.  Wellness initiatives in schools are designed to integrate healthy living with safety to reduce the risk of workplace injuries, accidents, and health problems.

  • FACT:  Your workforce is aging, and with aging comes additional risk of injuries, accidents, and illness.  As these risks increase, so do absenteeism, healthcare utilization, and worker’s compensation costs.
  • FACT: People in pain are less productive.  They cannot perform at their maximum potential, which makes them physically and mentally stressed.
  • FACT: Many companies have traditional wellness programs, which are typically used by people who are already well or who are motivated to improve their lifestyles.  Unfortunately, most people are not motivated.

A proactive approach to promote employee health and wellness in schools leads to a more productive workplace. Click on the links below to discover simple ways to encourage lifestyle changes with healthy recipes, training pointers, pain prevention tips and much more.

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