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Stop!t Video at Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District May 2018

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How to Get Started

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Cyber bullying is growing daily and in large part on an unimpeded basis.  The claims that arise from these activities often show that the involved school district had very little knowledge early on and only fragmented knowledge throughout.  The question is how does a school intervene in this technology driven behavior in such a way that its intervention will result in a real and practical solution?

STOP!T is funded by the SPELL JIF Board of Trustees and signing up is easy.  The Program is a joint effort between our reinsurer, Great American Insurance Company, SPELL JIF and STOP!T.  SPELL JIF feels strongly that STOP!T will provide a very effective tool in the war against errant human behavior among students including cyber bullying, common bullying, sexting, stalking and many other intolerable behaviors.

How do member districts sign up?

  • If you are ready you can sign up, just go to  This is the sign up page on the STOP!T website for SPELL JIF member districts.  The process is straight forward and really easy.  In order to complete your registration, you will need to provide your district’s full time student counts by grade.   Soon after you have completed the online enrollment, a STOP!T representative will reach out to you and take you step by step through the rest of the process.

How do I explore STOP!T further before signing up our district?

  • If you want to do more research there are a number of ways to do this.  You can go to, or call STOP!T at (908) 748-4522.  If you call be certain to let them know you are a SPELL JIF member district so that they can help you understand the STOP!T platform and specifically help with any questions you have about the relationship between STOP!T, SPELL JIF and our reinsurance partner the Great American Insurance Company.



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